Jesper Widén

Light Sabers vs. Heavy Swords

In 2016, I was in charge of the annual Jogathon at my school. Since a certain Force had awakened the previous year, the theme for our fundraising event was a no-brainer. Conrad Holzman, an eighth-grade student at the time, brainstormed an idea for a promotional video with me. Inspired, he then got to work. Not only did he write the script, he also did the filming, editing, and incredible special effects. Hollywood, watch out! If he could put this video together as a 13-year-old, imagine what he can do now.

Swedish Commercial

In 2007, my twin toddlers and I attended Swedish School in Orange County. A fellow Pappa there told me about an advertisement he saw posted at Sjømannskirken in San Pedro. Apoteket, a Swedish company, was searching for any Scandihoovians in the area who might want to audition for a commercial. Apparently, they needed a summertime scene, and since it was winter in Sweden at the time, they figured they could film it in LA and pass it off as Sweden. Anyway, I thought: "What the 'Hej'!" and went for it...and wouldn't you know it?! I GOT THE PART! It's a commercial promoting sunscreen. When my cousin Petter saw it aired in Sweden, he immediately emailed me and wrote: "I saw a man on TV with a beard the size of Texas!" The caption at the end of the video says: Lever man i mörker halva året är det svårt att hålla sig i skuggan. Translation: When you live in darkness half the year, it's hard to keep yourself in the shade.

A Truly Classic T-Shirt Video

2023 Jogathon Video